Jonathan David & Melissa Helser - ON THE SHORES - CD

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To record the music of your life is in itself a gift, but to do it with your best friend and the love of your life is a gift beyond explanation. In the 11th year of our marriage, we decided to take the beautiful journey of recording an album together.

In the years past, we have soared to the highest heights and traveled to deepest depths and in the end have collected these melodies that are some of the greatest treasures we possess. As songwriters, we write to express the language of our seasons.

We gladly give these songs to you, the listener, the worshipper. May you find Him as consistently good as we have.

Our favorite part of writing music is how a song can become like a diving board taking you to the deep places. This album is really like being on the shores of what happened that week in the studio.

If you want to dive deeper, look for Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea, a double disc collection of the extended versions and experiences of these songs.

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