Jonathan David & Melissa Helser - ENDLESS OCEAN, BOTTOMLESS SEA CD

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As musicians we love writing songs, but as worshipers our hearts ache for more. Our favorite part of writing songs is the way a song can become like a diving board to take us into the deeper waters.

In the studio, we love the risk of leaving the record light on just a little longer and walking off the map of the written song and into the eternal moments. In the fall of 2010, we went into “Threshing Floor Studio" with our great friend Elijah Mosely, as our producer and a group of amazing friends as our band.

In the studio, we had two goals. The first was to create an album of twelve beautifully crafted songs.

The second was to step off the edge of the written songs and capture a double-disc album of spontaneous moments. We titled the album of twelve songs “On the Shores," because those songs were like standing on the edge of what happened in the studio.

We titled the double disc album, “Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea" because they are the moments that happened when we stepped off the shores and into the much more. The songs of “On the Shores" truly became like a diving board to take us into the deep waters of “Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea.

" As you listen, may you be taken beyond the music and experience the One whose love truly is an endless ocean and a bottomless sea.

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