The McClures - THE WAY HOME - CD, Vinyl

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Paul and Hannah McClure have been writing music together since they were 16 years old in their North Carolina youth group. Years later—living in California with two children—the McClures debut their first studio album and solo project "The Way Home".

Joyful and vibrant, this album tells the story of the McClures finding their way home when the road map fails. Along the journey, the couple found joy in letting go of the destination and valuing the process and people they’ve met along the way.

Through the years Paul has discovered that home is “not an address or a place—it’s found inside, it is an intimate place with God and growing in relationship with family.” The vulnerability of their story brings power to their music as the McClures sing about returning home and remembering who they are.

Their song, “Now I See,” is a joyful approach to the story of the blind man found in John chapter 9, with the lyrics, “my eyes were opened and I saw His face,” relaying a message of freedom that comes from knowing the Father’s love. “Always Good” came out of Hannah McClure’s journey through postpartum depression.

Featuring guest artist and co-writer Rita Springer, the song describes the God who Is good in every season; the One who will “finish what You start in me.” With the help of producer and friend David Leonard, the McClures intertwine their Carolina roots with an Americana, indie-pop, country flair resulting in this album’s fresh, fun sound.

Even better when they sing together, the duo’s harmonies convey sweetness and charm. Through "The Way Home," the McClures hope to invite listeners in to their breakthrough and impart the joy of the Lord that keeps us going when the road is long.

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